Why Now Is The Right Time To Build Outdoors

Is there a "best time" to build a patio? YES! The best time to build a patio, outdoor kitchen or other hardscape is... "WHEN IT'S DRY!" Most people don't think about timing on hardscaping, but we do. Hardscaping is much easier for all concerned if it's done when weather is dry. Temperature doesn't effect the job nearly as much as moisture. As long as the ground isn't frozen deep, or wet and sloppy, hardscaping can be done. Generally this means that June through December are better times to build. Not only does it make for a better wall or patio foundation, it allows us to work more efficiently and with less mess. A faster, neater project leads to less frustration all around. The other big advantage to doing the work during colder temperatures is that the homeowner doesn't typically spend large amounts of time outdoors, so we're not in your way during construction. So consider doing your hardscape projects now and you can start to enjoy them when the first warm day of Spring arrives.  


Posted on October 3, 2013 .